Datacide is the magazine for noise and politics appearing since 1997. Can it be a magazine if it only comes out like once a year?

Still flying the flag for the paper format, we are now opening a blog to be able to comment on issues more often and be more flexible and independent of the economic pressures often holding back the new issues from coming out more often.

“Musical time is radically different from the time of capital in which our public life proceeds… musical duration is measurable only in terms of sensibilities, tensions and emotions …

This is how the original statement of intent started in 1997, formulated by Flint Michigan (see the full text as the first post on this blog).

You can find an archive of previous issues of datacide on the datacide.c8.com website including most of the major articles.

Issues 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are still available in paper format.

Issue 10 is being prepared and will appear by spring 2008.

You can pre-order issue 10 by sending EUR 5.00 to praxis@c8.com, or order issues number 9 and 10 for 10 EUR (including postage etc)

A set of the still available issues (5-9) are available for 12 euro incl. postage.

Donations are welcome.

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