Main Features of Datacide 9 online

It’s long overdue – but finally we put up some of the main features of Datacide 9 in the archives at Howard Slater: LOTTA CONTINUA – Roots Music and the Politics of Production YOU MUST HELP YOURSELF: NEO-LIBERAL GEOGRAPHIES AND WORKER INSURGENCY IN OSAKA Christoph Fringeli: ANTI-IMPERIALISM – Bankruptcy of the Left? COIL INTERVIEWContinue reading “Main Features of Datacide 9 online”

Sub/Version 013 – Vile Enginez: Cycadelic / Tool out now!

After several months on white label Vile Enginez’ new release on Sub/Version is out this week – a mind trip through devilish labyrinths of a myriad of sound constructions.  Vile Enginez, hailing for Basel, CH, has produced his most innovative and complex record yet – and look for his next Zhark Intl. release sometime inContinue reading “Sub/Version 013 – Vile Enginez: Cycadelic / Tool out now!”

Repression and the Riot Situation in Kamagasaki (Osaka) related to G8 Meeting

Over the past week and a half, an unprecedented political crackdown has been enacted in advance of a series of economic summits around the country. Despite this, the brave workers of Kamagasaki stood up against the stiff security environment in riots against the brutal beating of a day laborer over the past five days. TheContinue reading “Repression and the Riot Situation in Kamagasaki (Osaka) related to G8 Meeting”

Objection to Procedure Interview with Christoph Fringeli (2000)

Objection to Procedure Interview with Christoph Fringeli (2000) 1. Your contribution to the harsher elements of hardcore are most easily chronicled in the progress and history of the Praxis label. Please describe what you saw Praxis’ purpose when it began in 1992, and what you see its purpose as now. I had been involved withContinue reading “Objection to Procedure Interview with Christoph Fringeli (2000)”

Local Elections in England and Wales and the failure of the Left

The results are out and so is the mainstream analysis (and sorry for posting this a little bit late – you may have already forgotten). As a result of the May 1st elections, England and Wales have gone through a right wing shift, Boris Johnson has been elected mayor of London, and the Tories areContinue reading “Local Elections in England and Wales and the failure of the Left”

Brainstorm presents Datacide Soliparty 31.05 Berlin

Brainstorm brings you the next installment of wicked, tortured beats and bass to help raise funds for the printing of Datacide 10. This issue of datacide will hopefully be hitting the streets in the coming months as the final stages of its production are commencing. Thanks to everyone who continues to support Datacide. Especially toContinue reading “Brainstorm presents Datacide Soliparty 31.05 Berlin”

Datacide soli party pics

thanks so much for everyone who played – Hecate, Autopsy Protocol, Narcopsy, Cannibal Brothers, Nemeton and CF, and everyone who came to the party! The next Datacide party, again a fund-raiser for the printing costs of the next issue, will take place May 31 at Scharni 38 (Scharnweberstr. 38), only a few hundred yards awayContinue reading “Datacide soli party pics”

Praxis Interview – Frontpage 95-01

Praxis Rec. von Joel Amaretto Wir schreiben das Jahr 1995, und die Karten werden neu gemischt. Neue Szenen bilden sich und neue Innovationen bahnen sich langsam aber sicher ihren Weg. Im vergangenen halben Jahr entstand in Europa ein neuer Underground, der im Hardcore nicht nur einen aggressiven Gegenpol zu Trance, Hardtrance, House und Langweiler-Acid sieht,Continue reading “Praxis Interview – Frontpage 95-01”