Datacide soli party pics

thanks so much for everyone who played – Hecate, Autopsy Protocol, Narcopsy, Cannibal Brothers, Nemeton and CF, and everyone who came to the party! The next Datacide party, again a fund-raiser for the printing costs of the next issue, will take place May 31 at Scharni 38 (Scharnweberstr. 38), only a few hundred yards awayContinue reading “Datacide soli party pics”

Praxis Interview – Frontpage 95-01

Praxis Rec. von Joel Amaretto Wir schreiben das Jahr 1995, und die Karten werden neu gemischt. Neue Szenen bilden sich und neue Innovationen bahnen sich langsam aber sicher ihren Weg. Im vergangenen halben Jahr entstand in Europa ein neuer Underground, der im Hardcore nicht nur einen aggressiven Gegenpol zu Trance, Hardtrance, House und Langweiler-Acid sieht,Continue reading “Praxis Interview – Frontpage 95-01”

Top Eleven of 2007 + forthcoming releases of 2008

Top Eleven of 2007 (in no order) Spine 01: Circuit Parallele – Umani Autodistruttivi DM 12001: Minion – Bored in the USA EP Praxis 43: La Peste – Safety First Bastard Child 001: Dylan & Limewax / Dylan & Skitty – Cleansed By A Nightmare Zhark 12016: Xanopticon – The Silver Key Girlcum 01: FannyContinue reading “Top Eleven of 2007 + forthcoming releases of 2008”

Break/Flow vs. Datacide (1997)

BREAK/FLOW versus DATACIDE …once desire is specified as sexuality, it enters into forms of particularised power… Felix Guattari Libidinal Musics Electronically composed sound, communally celebrated has the effect of some collective plateau phase. Music becomes a device, a prosthetics that leads to a hypersensitization – an overspill that establishes a field of flow between listeners.Continue reading “Break/Flow vs. Datacide (1997)”

Datacide has a weblog!

“Musical time is radically different from the time of capital in which our public life proceeds… musical duration is measurable only in terms of sensibilities, tensions and emotions … “ A new magazine for the grey zone of Noise & Politics, Datacide provides information on the cutting edge of technological subversion via sound and ideas.Continue reading “Datacide has a weblog!”